ThoughtShare Communications. Founding member and Director of Design. ThoughtShare developed tools for web-based knowledge management, a product suite for better collaborative use of web content.


The web was expanding exponentially, yet collaborative use of the growing shared knowledge base was limited. We set out to create a new framework for web-based collaboration, and identified a set of forward-thinking applications targeting the early-stage knowledge management sector.


With the participation of researchers at Simon Fraser University, we analyzed cognitive behavior and content aggregation and management in early web use. With our findings, we were able to develop a sophisticated suite of products that addressed collaborative knowledge sharing of web-based content. Adhering to human-centered design principles, the design team was responsible for the UX/UI, collaborated closely with the CTO and IT team to extend the IP into the conception of supporting server-side software, and played a pivotal role in the culture of the organization, including the design of company’s brand and physical workspace.


As a founding member of a tech start-up, we grew the company from a small five-person team to a publicly funded company with 90+ staff. The design team was responsible for generating key software innovation, human-centric application front-end, corporate brand, corporate website and driving innovation through a creative collaborative culture.


Director of Design.

Software Ideation, Creative Direction, Design Management, Team Development, Information Architecture, UX/UI, Branding, Web Design.