• the mistake

    … salt makes m’steaks taste great (excerpted from a song by the Barenaked Ladies)

  • The matter of the eye

    The eye would appear to be made of a different substance than the rest of the body. (derived from an observation by Alberto Giacometti)

  • Benign Ignorance

    I prefer to calculate my trajectory and launch myself from A to B – and perhaps arrive at an as-yet-unseen point C. (a take away from a discussion on the wandering line by Italo Calvino)

  • Turbulence

    The creative principle emerges in the wake of turbulence – and for a wing, it is the product of lift. (from a discussion with Isao Hosoe)

  • Choice

    …can be directed – even in terms of rejection. (from a discourse with Bruno Munari)

  • The good opinion

    … is sometimes just a part of the fog. (extrapolated from Graham Greene)